SQ-779: An Educated Decision

Education. Politics. Tax. Three subjects that individually can spur heightened emotions, forceful opinions, and visceral reactions. This election season, the State of Oklahoma has combined all three in a controversial ballot measure that has been submitted to a vote of the people who are disgusted that it has been put in their hands. Never not a hot-button topic over the past 50-plus years, from desegregation … Continue reading SQ-779: An Educated Decision

Google’s Impact on Journalism: No Going Back

When I was first learning the ropes about how to be a good journalist, I was admonished by my professor at the University of Florida, Sid Pactor, to never be without two items – a pen and a quarter – perhaps the most important things in the entire equation of me getting a scoop or being scooped by the competition. The pen, of course, was … Continue reading Google’s Impact on Journalism: No Going Back

Siamese: Buddy or Butthole?

We received LOTS of feedback to our article “9 Cat Colors – Best to Worst: Where Does Your Kitty Rank?” dated September 12, 2016, much of it from readers partial to their own color of feline. However, one demographic took exception to our findings more than all others – Siamese owners. Siamese, of course, is a breed, not a color, but in the 9/12 article, … Continue reading Siamese: Buddy or Butthole?

9 Cat Colors – Best to Worst: Where does your kitty rank?

9 Cat Colors – Best to Worst: Where does your kitty rank? Photo by oklagator They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yet beauty is just one factor in a comprehensive set of characteristics used by experts to compile a definitive list, just released this week, ranking cats from best to worst based on fur color. In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, the School … Continue reading 9 Cat Colors – Best to Worst: Where does your kitty rank?

Brand Reputation Management

In this week’s assignment for MMC-5006, we are practicing brand reputation management. Below are Sample Trip Advisor reviews of hotel properties – one positive, one negative – for which we are to play the role of Social Media/PR Manager and respond to the reviewer utilizing tips we gained this week in class. The Positive Review (Well…I suppose this does qualify as a positive review, although … Continue reading Brand Reputation Management

Hey, LDI 2015: Your IMC has a short!

This week’s assignment for MMC-5006 was to follow (for educational purposes) the goings-on at LDI 2015, the annual convention for lighting/audio/live event design professionals held in Las Vegas, NV from Oct.19th-26th. I was tasked with evaluating the event’s overall integrated marketing communication plan. My impression of the tradeshow’s IMC plan and execution of it is something of a mixed bag. There were certainly some successes … Continue reading Hey, LDI 2015: Your IMC has a short!

About Me – Part II (or Show Me the Money!)

Dearly Beloved: I am tasked with another, a bit more focused, “About Me” post this week… So I need to introduce myself to you all again – although, I believe, a more accurate operative term this time might be the somewhat-more-pointed sell myself… Early Disclosure: I was “well rounded” in high school. I prefer the term “well-rounded” because I think that sounds better than “scattered” … Continue reading About Me – Part II (or Show Me the Money!)

Classic Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

Many differences exist between Classic Marketing (traditional TV/Radio/Print) and Social Media Marketing. In this post, I am going to focus on just two of those differences – scheduling and direction of communication. SCHEDULING: We accept as a given that long-term, high quality, brand image campaigns are birthed only after significant investments of time, creative effort, and, usually, cash. Those privy to the inner workings via … Continue reading Classic Marketing vs Social Media Marketing