About Me – Part II (or Show Me the Money!)

Dearly Beloved:

I am tasked with another, a bit more focused, “About Me” post this week… So I need to introduce myself to you all again – although, I believe, a more accurate operative term this time might be the somewhat-more-pointed sell myself

Early Disclosure: I was “well rounded” in high school. I prefer the term “well-rounded” because I think that sounds better than “scattered” or “stretched.” (I’ll admit either of the latter might draw some votes these days – especially since I’ve added grad school to the mix!) Had a lot of friends and participated in lots of available activities. Seriously, I was fully accepted by all the cliques – the brains, the sports jocks, the theater kids, the A/V clubbers, the stoners, the populars, the nerds. I hung out with ALL of them, and I think maybe they accepted me because I wasn’t a threat to be the best of any group. Was non-threatening to any assumed king or queen. Totally did not apply myself. I just liked fitting in and hanging around everyone – lots of different everyones – and making friends wherever I could. I still do. I seemingly can’t have enough friends, and I swear I cherish every one even as I continually add new ones with differing interests to the mix. Nothing I love more than a big group of friends around me sharing some sort of fun experience – doesn’t much matter if the central focus of our fun happens to be my passion or yours.

Anyway, given the results of my longtime “serial friending,” you might see where I come by the “one man, many things” moniker of my blog title. I really do have a brand. I do! It’s just a little scattered across the landscape. So, taking the MMC-5006 challenge, I’m going to focus and refine that brand right here in front of your eyes. I’m grinding it down…to things people actually do pay me money for during times I’m not working at my real job.

Video Production / Media Consulting
I have my own small communications business – Harmony Media, LLC – which specializes in Video Production, Communications, Media Consulting, and Pro Audio. (There I go spreading it out again, I know, but they’re closely related enough!) Through Harmony Media, I produce/direct/write/shoot/edit video productions large and small. I have a degree in Telecommunication from the University of Florida and over 30 years of real world experience in all of the aforementioned fields.

Since I’ve done things like this…

and this

and this

and personally won things like this

then people will pay me money to do things like this


and this

Somebody once gave me A LOT OF MONEY to do this


And because I own things like this


occasionally they’ll give me a little money to do this


I actually do know what I’m doing with all of the above. Very much so. Hire me and see.


As a kid, if I could have picked one thing to grow up to be, it would have either been Major League Baseball player or Rock Star. Well, Dream #1 withered on the vine as soon as Jody Allen started throwing 70mph fastballs by me in the 9th grade, but I stubbornly hung onto Dream #2 for an inordinate amount of time. I certainly kept collecting the proper armaments.


(Yeah, I wish…)

Over the years, I added just enough effort into my personal mixture of a) insufficient talent, b) more-than-sufficient fearlessness, and c) some cool brothers-in-arms to be able to have people frequently pay me money to do this

and this

I’ve even gotten to do this



So…your call-to-action is to go check out my YouTube Channel, and, specifically my Harmony Media and Live Music playlists, where you’ll be able to find more evidence of this brand I’m claiming/grinding/polishing. Notice I didn’t say “naming.” Maybe the final overall brand name is holding out for this current adventure to lead to another revenue stream – Social Media expert!

Stay tuned. (But hire me for your video and live music needs in the meantime, okay?)


Randy (oklagator)

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