2016 Plaza Festival Feature (or Is My Paranoia Showing?)

My first attempt at a Snapchat story! I was scared everything I did was going to magically disappear into thin air before I got it turned in for school! I don’t think this is gonna win any awards or define me as a pied piper of 13-24-year-olds – but come check out the 2016 Plaza Festival with me anyway. Plaza Festival 2016 Continue reading 2016 Plaza Festival Feature (or Is My Paranoia Showing?)

Do This!: Plaza Festival

The coolest little neighborhood going on the planet right now…is mine! There. I said it loud and proud. As a member of the community, as President of the Plaza District Association Board of Directors, and as someone who wants your life to be filled with fun stuff, I say you need to take time and get down to the Plaza District this Saturday, September 26th, … Continue reading Do This!: Plaza Festival

Evolution…or Old Dog, New Tricks

Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would be going to grad school… You see, in my former career (30+ years in the TV business), advanced degrees were just not “a thing.” No need for them in any discipline on virtually any level. In fact, many folks outside of the News Department at any given TV station do not even have Bachelor’s degrees. … Continue reading Evolution…or Old Dog, New Tricks